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mahadevi l hugar (Send PM)
(4 hour(s) ago), said
tet result

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Joy ho (Send PM)
(15 hour(s) ago), said
Joy ho Bisambad aru Bisambadi.Aru Lav nai. Nakat tel di sui thakok sokuloye

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(16 hour(s) ago), said
AGP'r dinot sunisilu...mastore bule salary napay 1-2 yrs amar 2nd phsor'r eke obosta hoise. bhabisilu biya patim buli, salary karone bor problm hoise..

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digi (Send PM)
(1 day(s) ago), said
Dear 3rd phase wen i went 2 dse they said within 2,3 days they wil ask all dist IS to submit new post. And d appt will finish b4 dec. After 2 days hbs said 4500 post adv within 15 days. n now wat?? Plz smbody enquir it. Visit general branch room,( deals with only tet related matters) dse. And meet the dealing asst. there he only can give exect situation.

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2nd Phase (Send PM)
(1 day(s) ago), said
Clerkar katha biswakh karatu bor tan.Uparate koi diye.

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SonariG (Send PM)
(1 day(s) ago), said
Jorhat IS or clerke koise aaji augustot 2nd phase or salary hobo!

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ukamd (Send PM)
(1 day(s) ago), said
salary salary ketia pam

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aaaaa (Send PM)
(1 day(s) ago), said
Why there is no option for ba in hindi in the application form? As per the advtment it should be given? Plz help me....

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tinus (Send PM)
(2 day(s) ago), said
amar salary ki hobo.aru deri hobo neki.pls kunubai dse khobor korokna.pls pls

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(2 day(s) ago), said
Is Hs Tet for all, or not for all, or only for contructual basis teachers ............. Can any0ne plz inform meeee..............

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kr tet (Send PM)
(2 day(s) ago), said
darrang, apunar phone no tu dibo paribo neki? Plz. Moy bipul das, 2nd phase r. Moy apunar logot kotha patibo bisarisu.

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gugu (Send PM)
(2 day(s) ago), said
job dibo kintu aftr 2015 Deld wil b dont wst ur tym and get ur admison soon....

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tet (Send PM)
(2 day(s) ago), said
:hi: :ne1:

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don (Send PM)
(3 day(s) ago), said
salla Assamr manuhbur j aru... HBS nhleu bule desh solibo !! sola2 solibo bt borbad hoi solibo.. edu. dept. gol aru 2nd phs slry ketiya hoi thik nai... new appointmet akw ketiya hoy thik nai

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gogo (Send PM)
(3 day(s) ago), said
Tension tension no salary only Baki Aru baki

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tasleema (Send PM)
(3 day(s) ago), said
@nalbari aitu kotha 1month'or pora huni asu...kisumane 3-4baar undertaking dise...aibur sob misa kotha...apuni mur fb profile msg dibo sun

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jadmwmd (Send PM)
(3 day(s) ago), said
hbse resign korise amar salary aru deri hobo neki.pls kunubai kiba janeneki.

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Nalbari (Send PM)
(3 day(s) ago), said
@Taslima, Nalbarir aji gom palu alap agote, IS officer jone candidate bilakok phone kori ase undertaking diboloi. Join nakare jodi likhi diba dise. List prepare kori DC loi pothabo, tar pisot Director office. 100% correct information.

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cpb (Send PM)
(3 day(s) ago), said
nalbarir hs r list ulaise neki

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tasleema (Send PM)
(3 day(s) ago), said
@2nd phase: moi select noholu...kamrup'ot napalu...:(

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Sima Rani Nath (Send PM)
(4 day(s) ago), said
Next exam?

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2nd phs (Send PM)
(4 day(s) ago), said
Tasleema mam., apuni 'Rukma' sir r logot 14 dist r 'select list' r bisoye janibo aru amak jonaboloi 'DSE' jowa nasil ne baru ? Aponi '14 dist' r 2nd phase t select nahol neki ?

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7nb (Send PM)
(4 day(s) ago), said
Why there is no option for ba in hindi in the application form? As per the advtment it should be given? Plz help me....

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tasleema (Send PM)
(4 day(s) ago), said
@nalbari kali porohir bhitorot gom pam kiba khobor

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Nalbari (Send PM)
(4 day(s) ago), said
Hello Taslima madam.. nalbarir appointment r kiba khabar palene??

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007 (Send PM)
(4 day(s) ago), said
ami sokoloa himanta sir r karone sakoribor palu. Health and education r karone tekhete bahut kam korile. Bahut o unemployed a employment pale. Gotike ami sokole a h m sir k cm sir k cm hoar karone amar view aru support koribo lage. Anagoto dinot amar bohuto a aru sakori pabo. Nahole asom rosatole jabo.

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www.hstet. (Send PM)
(4 day(s) ago), said
honourable education & health minister resigned today......

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(4 day(s) ago), said
Non 50 pc group of Hs cont.teachers are going to file a case to stop Hs spl TET Exam so they r collecting sign and app.Letter by Dist. Wise holding meeting but they made fake signature those who were absent in da meeting as well as of 50 PC holders

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@rup (Send PM)
(4 day(s) ago), said
uff ram ketiya j salary hobo...!!!! bixombador karone salary aru lt hobo ni baru? newst j dise bill pass nhle another six month bule kormosarir slry nhbo..... hosa ne

-via Samsung GT-C3262

urmanu (Send PM)
(5 day(s) ago), said
pls kunubai hbsk twet korok na salary ketia najanu o koribo.schol jaboloie poisa naikia hoise.

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