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Hs tet qualified unemployed candidate
-shatabdi replied 30 day(s) ago
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  • mustafizur rahman : i pass rmsa pre sinior tet & i obtain 35 mark so i can hope to get the job as a teacher
  • naj.ahe : @al hs tet unempld... 4n a reliable source i hv come to known that DSE nd Govt. are preparng list of hs contact teacher to permnt then. If that happens we tet pas wil nt get job sure. So plz all tet pas communicat nd be strog to fight....
  • Shahnaj : Appoinment Ndye Aibur Misa
  • mohsina : sir,i hve passed hs tet and i want 2 know about total vacant posts and total passed.whthr all hve chnce 2 get the job?Plz rply
  • aus06 : Don’t use this space for Madrassa TET as it is for High School TET Everything is mixed hence causing problem for you and me both
  • bidit das : Babulal sarma rcvng 50,000.00 rupees from 7 yrs provncialsd high/hs schools
  • Akhirul Faraji : I got mtet pre-40; 61.can I get job and if you know how many bio and royl passed all assam
  • naj.ahe : @madra pas. Tahate just pas knra 2mnth par huwa nai aru coribole start korile. Amar aru 2mnth t certificate expire hobo tathapiu kiman hanto hoi asu. Ai forum t kunu fortune teler nahai so only reality related questn kor. Aru jadi napam buli bhabisni tente beleg kiba bisar parile b.ed ba d.ed admns lo. Cnta nakar sobe pabi but elctn usnroloi wait kor.
  • khairul sikdar : mai presinior&sinior t pass so mai kunuba atat joa pam ne?
  • naj.ahe : asomor sob schl abosta ake. moi karbi anglong t koru. tat headmistress r kamei nai ekuwei najane. moi nije ME, HS sob podhau, poisa ahe kn2 sob mare. 6 month t sorkare 5lakh plus diye kn2 teuluke bhuwa sohi aru tat kam nakara manuhor nam di 6 month mure mure 4 to 5 lakh poisa mari ase.
  • biju bora : sankar nagar high school at Kanpur, nagaon. there teachers are irregular. in generally they are found un authorized absent from their duty. it is known to all. but they are managed. it so sad. just investigate their daily attendance and will find every thing. on behalf of local pelple. do something better
  • naj.ahe : @hs qualified. Asomor asomiai nijor majot kajia kori mati eri dise tat bangladeshi bohise(either hindu or muslim) teneke amibure forum ure nakara babe belege amar forum use koribo loice. Be comuncate al.
  • naj.ahe : @al madrasa pas candidate. Dnt mix up. U create a forum link ur own to comunicate. Dnt be here. Its name u see,for onlx gen hs pas qualified. Be careful,dnt be ileterd.
  • M.hok : Cn i get da job of rmsa ?I pasd wth 36 mrks in pre-section wthin 50 mrks,anybody cn tel me?
  • सुकुमल : रेसुल्ट डिब इमैन देरी कर सर्ठट जवाब दिया
  • Rehanur : Retype numbers from picture:when merit list will upload,
  • AS : how many vacancy post of assam madrassa in pre senior section?
  • raju deka : aei uporot j likhi dse madrassat aeibar pass kra blakok lbo nki.
  • SA : For pre senr.section d.el.ed will get preferrence. B.A. and high section will get preferrence if they have B.ED. so best of luck all the candidates

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