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  • aus06 : @DRK, what happend on Monday meeting, can u share if possible.
  • naj.ahe : @al dakhila lp me tet cleared e ghy hilai dile aru amar hs keijonok babulal sharmai koise pasot dim as my style so ami mukh meli aaaa kori asu aru hoine.
  • naj.ahe : @all. Lp Me tet forum suwa...
  • naj.ahe : @aus our vality wil fnsh in june but DSE cannt give us job whithin it. If needed our validity wil increase nd there is no hs tet befor apointng ur but i think they r preparing 2 give for contactual teachr
  • aus06 : @naj.ahe, our high school tet crtfct wil expire on june 15, hence u mean aftr that advertise fr recrtmt wil start, pls let us know
  • naj.ahe : @all . There no chance of hs nd hss tet advb before validity.our validity will increase. Nd no alrdy aponitd can aply again otherwise their both apoimtmt will reject. Trust me 100.% true news
  • naj.ahe : @kenko ,,i m little far from home & in my mobile gmail is nt accesing . Thanks . From which dist you?
  • KENKO : Mr. Naj.she, thanks for sending me the announcement. Plz check yr email inbox. Thanks again.
  • KENKO : Mr. naj.she, thanks for sending me the announcement. Plz check yr email inbox. Thanks again.
  • naj.ahe : @ DRK. On monday i cannot be with u due to some pesonal prob. i was there in the last time in DSE when we met him...Sharma. DRK plz u dnt forgt to remind Minstr that "no one can again aply those who got job" otherwise same will happen like last time. best of luck, may god help us.from Lakhimpur 2 candidate will go.
  • DRK : Dear all, be prepared to meet Education Minister on Monday. I have Taken appointment. Try to be there.
  • naj.ahe : @kenko. advb r announcemnt dlu. pale reply eta diba.
  • naj.ahe : @kenko. 1pm t aji huli saba news pai jaba.
  • KENKO : Mr. naj.ahe, plz send me the adv. in my gmail acc. no - Thanks.....
  • naj.ahe : @bidit. Hoi 2mi thk koisa. 4year sakori kori ako jadi hei post t belegot diye permant tente ct buror r ki hoi ami tet pas kora bure ki bujim. Moiu wish koru je 2maluke puwa. Moi nije CT t napalt kn2 tet t olu guti tolu guti korie palu.
  • Bidit Das : High School t vacant ase 5832 posts, kin2 aami CT bure asu 7000 apprx. Tet r pora pabo buli akha nokora a val. CT burok lobo diyok tar pasot tet candidate bure lobo paribo
  • naj.ahe : @ all. HS and HSS tet advb is going to start from again april 2015. See dainik agradoot and asom dapoon on 6th feb. if anyone want this advb I can send, just give your email id. be carefull non apoinmt tet teacher, u should give demand in IS office that no already apointed can apply again in any dist, otherwise again we will not get as our mark is low. hs total 5832 and HSS 396 permanent pos
  • naj.ahe : @bidit das. teneke hole 2malukor pora party khabo pari kn2 2miu ajon teacher gotike ki koribo lage ba ki hobo hei2 mutkeu bhalke 2mi jana. kn2 be careful he is also a politician. taulukor ktha aji 14year huni asu.
  • Bidit Das : @naj.ahe, hahaha tension nai atiya...CT job sarat borkotoky sirei disil ru regular o koribo sirei...contructual minister sir zindabad

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