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  • Arpansharma : Ji list hole o hoi but di dibo laage karon manuh kaam paalehe nuton post ullabo aru ami chnce eta paam new postot
  • wearesame : gogoi g aponi thik koise ...high ct order dibo j distct wise list korok ...karon add to distct wise disil...assam wise nohoi...r u assam wise hole sokolo disct or logot contest koribo lagibo.....kon parcent koneo napabo...so fnd high ct korar karone saju thoka....karon list assam wise kori aase...
  • anil12 : bhte h.c korim korim ki dal hl sobe patla marile ..abar list ulua pasot aru h.c nohoi aru .sob futuka fen
  • anil12 : list allready batil hol a ..new listor kaam soli ase
  • Arpansharma : Xunibo paalu kunoba eta monchoi case korile………eta sitting o hol………sorkari pokhoi list baatil korar docmnt dekhuabo nuarile………nxt sitting ot dekhabo lagibo nohole court e list batil koribo…………kothatu hosa ne????
  • Hiru : @10000; Plz share d breaking news !

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